Agostine & Raphael Group - Services

By k koein



Our work not only consists of building structures but also designing cities. Our team of urban planners, landscape architects, and skilled designers combine their skills to outline and plan urban environments in the most optimal way. From traffic studies to zoning, landscaping, infrastructure, and sewage systems, to security and management systems, our services address citizens’ needs, making urban spaces better places to work and live. Notably, we provide sustainable solutions which our clients can opt while crafting their visions. 

Our services include:

-Master Planning

-Urban Planning

-Traffic Study

-Zoning Code and regulation design control

-Infrastructure & Sewage system planning

-Feasibility study

-Sustainable Solutions

-Cost estimation and control system

Consultancy & Design

Our decades of experience in the field entrusted us with the capabilities to lead a comprehensive range of outstanding projects through all their phases, from concept to design and execution. From luxury to retail, residential, commercial, and special projects, we have constructed and engineered developments around the world that made countless clients happy. Our scope of work includes:

-Pre-design & Concept, Development design, and execution design.
-Site Analysis.
-Diagrams and schematic design for M.E.P services.
-Detailed architectural drawings, electromechanical shop drawings, and structural design.
-Tender Documents (BOQ, specifications, schedule rate, and form of agreement).
-Legal Administrative Services.
-Consultancy & supervision services.
-Sustainable development & LEED design (Green Architecture - Zero energy).
-Contracts Administration
-Project environmental impact.


Our affiliated companies ARG CONTRACTING are committed to adopting and maintaining a customer-centric approach in contracting and procurement. By handling day-to-day tasks and oversight of construction projects, we make sure our buildings meticulously answer to high-quality standards and the most challenging expectations. Our list of contracting projects includes buildings, universities, hotels, villas, airports, bridges, and roads, among others. 


Agostine & Raphael Group develops its own projects, injecting the company’s strategic vision in forefront designs that reflect its commitment to groundbreaking innovation. Catering to modern needs, our developments mirror our vision to recreate urban spaces with an aim to enhance the way people live. Creating a strategic partnership with our investors.


At Agostine & Raphael Group, we do it all because we know how to. Our years of experience in delivering integral successful projects allowed us to master every aspect of our work, from Design to Contracting. Our responsibility lies not only in executing our promises but also in making sure our designs are efficient and sustainable, harmoniously interconnecting urban systems and communities. 


When we say “full-service”, we mean it. Our firm aims at creating spaces that reflect inside out our clients’ values and visions. Our architects and designers work closely to furnish and decorate interiors that elevate the overall functionality and beauty of our projects. Our services also include designing and manufacturing our own furniture through our Milano-based affiliated company.We design and Build.

-Detailed floor plans

-Lighting design

-Furniture layout

-Design boards

-Furniture design and manufacturing through our affiliated company “Paola Raphael Milano”.